At Imvescor everything starts with a great culinary experience

Since 1967, our passion has been developing dishes that put smiles on the faces on our guests. With over 230 dining locations across Canada delivering over 20 million awesome dining experiences each year, that makes for a lot of smiles!


Our five brands, Pizza Delight, Mikes, Scores, Baton Rouge and Commensal, are committed to providing quality food and memorable experiences to our customers

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We’re on the look-out for great operators and have growth opportunities available across Canada

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Imvescor is a public limited company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and headquartered in Montreal, Quebec

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Headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Imvescor Restaurant Group owns franchised and corporate stores throughout Canada, under four brands: Pizza Delight operates primarily in Atlantic Canada, where it dominates the family/mid-scale segment. Mikes and Scores restaurants operate primarily in Quebec in the family and casual dining segments and the take-out and delivery segments. Bâton Rouge operates in the Province of Quebec, Ontario and Nova Scotia in the casual dining segment.

Expanding our retail business

Since 2012 our retail footprint has increased by over 200%, with Imvescor now positioned as a market leader in several food retail divisions. Our success is the result of us taking the same time and care in creating our supermarket products as we take in developing our restaurant dishes. The acquisition of our food plant in Boisbriand in December 2013 will help ensure the continued expansion of this aspect of our business.

Pizza Delight

The first Pizza Delight opened in Shediac, New Brunswick in 1968. Pizza Delight’s exclusive pizza sauce recipe, and fresh, hand-made dough were an instant hit. Within a few years Pizza Delights were popping up across Atlantic Canada and Ontario. Over the past 40 years Pizza Delight’s menu has grown with its customers, reflecting their changing tastes. Now Pizza Delight features a delicious variety of Italian-inspired choices, from its signature pizza to pastas, salads, sandwiches and chicken.

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In 1967, the Marano brothers opened the first Mikes Sub Shop in Montreal. Their inspiration was their native Italy and their mother’s home cooking. The goal was to create the perfect sandwich. With freshly baked bread, the finest cold cuts and carefully seasoned “secret” sauces, Mikes Subs were loved by all. While their sandwiches were delicious, co-founder Mike Marano always said that real success came from being close to his customers. A lot has changed since the early sub shop days, Mikes menu now includes pizza, pastas and more and the Marano brothers’ legacy lives on in many of Mikes traditions of putting their customers first.

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The Scores Restaurant concept premiered in 1995 in Quebec. Scores offers a family-friendly, casual setting with a menu featuring their delicious rotisserie chicken, ribs and an all-you-can-eat salad and soup bar. That is why everyday, they strive to give their clients the best quality at the best price possible, which explains their slogan: “Always a Great Deal More at Scores”.

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Baton Rouge

The Bâton Rouge story begins in 1992 with the opening of the first restaurant in Laval, Quebec. The founders attended to every detail: colours, textures, lighting, food quality, precision of recipes, presentation of dishes and service. They designed a menu rich in variety to meet the needs of a diverse clientele. To ensure a high standard of quality and freshness, they unanimously agreed to prepare all the food on site, this includes their famous ribs, the star of the menu and the basis of Bâton Rouge’s reputation. Also on the menu are tender charcoal-grilled cuts of beef, fresh fish, crisp salads and exquisite appetizers that are the start of a perfect meal.

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Commensal prepared dishes are sold in green grocers, health food stores, and major supermarket chains in Quebec. They can be found in two sections of supermarkets: at the refrigerated prepared meals counter and in the frozen foods and/or the organic/natural frozen foods section. Our products are also available in Ontario health food stores, with growing distribution to major chains. Ready-To-Eat-Well meals are conscious of you, others and the environment.

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From hearty breakfasts to healthy lunches, all our food is lovingly prepared with the freshest and finest ingredients. At Ben & Florentine, we’re committed to creating and delivering the finest dining experience in the breakfast and lunch industry.

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