Scores has donated $50 000 to the MIRA foundation as well as supported volounteer staff by providing them with lunch and dinner during the ” La journée qui a du chien! ” event.

As of November 12, 2015, the MIRA Foundation has raised a total of $494 946 during the event " La journée qui a du chien! "

Scores restaurants is proud to join the Mira Foundation and V TV for its La journée qui a du chien! telethon, held on November 9. Not only does this issue affect thousands of Quebeckers, but above all, the heart of our customers and our families. We are very grateful for the work done by the Mira Foundation and are proud to encourage them.

Did you know that the MIRA Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 1981?

MIRA’s objective is to increase the autonomy of persons with disabilities and promoting their social integration by providing free dogs developed and trained to meet their adaptation and rehabilitation needs.

The MIRA Foundation services are offered for free to all those who have one or more disabilities be it visual, motor and children with autism.

Please join us and give generously by clicking here