Imvescor Retail Products

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Bâton Rouge

After twenty years of taking pride of place on our restaurant menus, the incomparable taste and quality of our signature Baby Back Pork Ribs can now be savored in the comfort of your own home. Tender and juicy, our ribs are coated in our original house barbecue sauce and are fully cooked, ready for re-heating.  The product was launched in November 2012 exclusively to IGA and Sobeys.

Following the successful launch of our ribs we also introduced our fully cooked pulled Pulled Pork product in August 2013. The package contains two packets of premium quality pulled pork and two pouches of our original Bâton Rouge sauce.

September 2013 marked the introduction of our succulent Louisiana-style seasoned fries and sweet potato fries. This was followed by the launch in IGA in January 2014 of our Bâton Rouge  coleslaw salad  and Bâton Rouge BBQ Marinade.


Mikes’ products have been available in grocery stores for many years. Throughout this time our pizzas have been a top-seller within Quebec, with sales being driven by the superior quality of ingredients we use in comparison with our market competitors. Our Mikes meat- and cream-based pasta sauces are cooked to an exacting standard and we take pride in our Rosée sauce being the single top-selling product in its class within the Province of Quebec.

In September 2013 we added three new flavours of pasta sauces to our range: Italian Sausage, Meat Rosée sauce and Spicy Bolognese. In the same month we launched two new pizza sauces with goal of extending the great taste of Mikes to the pizzas our customers bake in their own homes. Last but not least in our product range is Mikes Pepperoni, Quebec’s top selling pepperoni brand, which uses our secret recipe to create a unique flavour, appreciated by our many customers.


In September 2013 we began selling Scores Pork Ribs exclusively at IGA stores. In creating this product we’ve brought together the very best pork ribs with a mix of Scores spices and cooked using our famous Scores rib sauce. So go ahead and lick those fingers clean – we take it as a compliment!